RushForth Tools for Revit: Release Notes



·         Element tagger

·   New tool

·   Allows you to tag multiple elements from multiple categories in multiple views all at the same time

·   Allows you to create presets for defining tag locations and filters for which elements to tag

·         Added support for more VDI/virtual machine types

·         Draft XL

·   Fixed issue that wouldn't show shading unless both shading and colors options were checked

·         Parameter Scheduler

·   Added support for multi-line data type parameters

·         Parameter Transformer

·   Transform tab can transfer parameter values when creating new elements

·   Can now retrieve elements from Revit Html reports such as interference checks or warnings reports.  It gives the option to create a new 3D view with the elements isolated.

·   Parameter Transformer can better determine rooms and spaces of elements that are missing in certain phases

·   Reports rotation.degrees of line-based elements

·         Parameter Linker

·   When opening the tools, the current parameter set now defaults to select the last parameter set used

·         Project Setup

·   Option to calculate and align viewport locations with annotations hidden (E.g. grids or tags that can affect the bounding box coordinates of the viewport)

·   Manage views and manage sheets tabs now display the number of selected items at all times

·   If a view, sheet, or viewport is "owned" by another user, you will be notified, but it won't cancel the operation of other elements that are available for editing

·   2019 fixed issue where linked model information wouldn't show up

·   Dependent view creation now supports Non-rectangular crop boxes and callout view crop regions from the linked model and from other views in the current model.

·   Space Rename tool improved to retrieve room names in more scenarios

·   New option to minimize the annotation crop boundary for all selected views

·         And many more minor feature enhancements