RushForth Tools for Revit: Release Notes











·         Element Tagger

o   New option to tag all elements  in linked files in current view or in multiple selected views

·         Parameter Transformer

o   The Current View filter option now filters items in linked models by the current view as well.

o   Added support for additional types of Navisworks html reports to be imported to element selections

o   New Coordinate in 3D view allows you to quickly see selected items or clash report items in a 3D view with items bold and red

o   Speed improvements when selecting large numbers of elements

o   Added new checkbox to filter for element types instead of model elements.  This can facilitate selecting items such as view types so they can be copied and pasted from one model to another.

o   The transform tab better replaces conduit/pipe/duct/cable tray fittings when using the options to delete source elements.





·         Project Setup

·   New “Insert Views/Details” tab allows users to browse and search for detail views in Revit files.  Compare previews and create presets of commonly used details for easy insertion into projects

·   Fixed issue where space creation or other tools could report a transaction error

·         Multiple Tools

·   Revit 2019.1 Autodesk updates caused some tools to have new errors.  This has been resolved.

·         Parameter Transformer

·   Location.x,y,z, now moves endpoints of line-based elements instead of whole element

·   Fixed: Linked models would not show up in list due to Autodesk API update

·   New property available SharedCoordinates.X, Y, and Z for reporting the shared coordinates of elements (Note that Location.X will report the project coordinates)

·   Transform Tab correctly compensates for projects with rotated project north

·   Use scheduled elements as selection button: Fixed issue where some local model elements wouldn’t appear in list if linked model elements were included in the selected schedule

·         Parameter Scheduler

·   Setting non-shared family parameters to be deleted correctly deletes instead of creating a backup parameter.

·   New option to create or not create new parameter when a specified parameter-to-replace is not found

·         DraftXL

·   Now supports multiple users updating files from the Autodesk Desktop connector paths as well as roaming profile paths that are not static.

·   Fixed issue where color or shading settings in Excel could freeze the program



·         Element tagger

·   New tool

·   Allows you to tag multiple elements from multiple categories in multiple views all at the same time

·   Allows you to create presets for defining tag locations and filters for which elements to tag

·         Added support for more VDI/virtual machine types

·         Draft XL

·   Fixed issue that wouldn't show shading unless both shading and colors options were checked

·         Parameter Scheduler

·   Added support for multi-line data type parameters

·         Parameter Transformer

·   Transform tab can transfer parameter values when creating new elements

·   Can now retrieve elements from Revit Html reports such as interference checks or warnings reports.  It gives the option to create a new 3D view with the elements isolated.

·   Parameter Transformer can better determine rooms and spaces of elements that are missing in certain phases

·   Reports rotation.degrees of line-based elements

·         Parameter Linker

·   When opening the tools, the current parameter set now defaults to select the last parameter set used

·         Project Setup

·   Option to calculate and align viewport locations with annotations hidden (E.g. grids or tags that can affect the bounding box coordinates of the viewport)

·   Manage views and manage sheets tabs now display the number of selected items at all times

·   If a view, sheet, or viewport is "owned" by another user, you will be notified, but it won't cancel the operation of other elements that are available for editing

·   2019 fixed issue where linked model information wouldn't show up

·   Dependent view creation now supports Non-rectangular crop boxes and callout view crop regions from the linked model and from other views in the current model

·   Space Rename tool improved to retrieve room names in more scenarios

·   New option to minimize the annotation crop boundary for all selected views

·         And many more minor feature enhancements